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Defeat aging with stories

Changing people's mind

Culture gets people moving

People do things for emotional reasons. Those reasons travel better with stories than arguments. Jellyfish DAO is a community to fund and promote movies, documentaries, games and other longevity media to spread the word about the ongoing fight against aging.

support us

support us

Donate to our Patreon & get to see the movies early. Donations will help us fund educational content, movies and documentaries about aging.
Each $8 of donation = 1 movie/documentary early access.

who we are

Everyone can help fight aging

We are a team of movie industry veterans, crypto builders and longevity aficionados. Everybody is invited to join the community and help fight aging.

join the fight

you can join the fight

The first thing anyone can do to fight aging is to join our Discord to become a part of the Jellyfish community and start promoting the aging fight, learn how to effectively convince people, and more.